2XCompression are one of the finest Compression Sportswear. The demand of compression to sports has two important features; performance and recovery. There’s a lot of time between game-day, training sessions & travelling to and from events. Just like you need sleep to regenerate your body, similarly also need 2XC to burn-up and bring back working muscles efficiently.

2XC is as much about recovery as it is about performance.

Muscles get broken down during training and competitions. If you do not allow your muscles to repair completely, you will likely cause yourself an injury.

Recovery is about applying the correct amount of pressure to passive muscles. These muscles need compression to help the flow of oxygen, which in turn accelerates repair. Applying compression narrows our veins which then increases blood flow rate to the muscles. Whilst our oxygenated blood is pumping throughout our bodies, it picks up waste lactic acid buildup on its way. This process is what helps relieve soreness.

Don't forget; Without recovery there is no performance.