2XCompression are one of the finest Compression Sportswear. The demand of compression to sports has two important features; performance and recovery. Performance happens in competition & training. Whereas, recovery happens before & after performance, Both of these aspects go hand in hand.  You can’t have one without the other. 

One way in which Compressions improve performance is by reducing fatigue from impact damage through the advanced, and high support compression fabric. Whenever we run & move, our muscles tremble. The carefully designed Compression gear wraps your muscles in just the exact way, which helps reduce vibration and muscle oscillation. Muscle oscillation is the movement of the muscles when vibrations occur. Compressions gear fights early fatigue which, in turn, improves performance. 

2XC also assists body movement and reduce the risk of injury. Our garments are technically designed and constructed to improve performance in several ways. Improved circulation and reduced energy cost. 

If we’re injured, we can’t perform. As we get tired, the body’s movement can become distorted. Which dramatically increases the risk of injury. By supporting the working muscles, 2XC help keep everything, including you, in place.